Social Dances


Chinook Country Line Dancers have many opportunities year round to dance socially.  With Calgary's country history and the popularity of all genres of music, we are always ready to kick up our Country and put on an exciting show! CC is all about fun, social & fitness. 

I can't believe how much fun this is, I found my happy place and what a great dance school. HM

Check out what our CC family say about our dance school:

To be a part of Dancing with the Stars is truly an amazing experience. One so grateful I found - thank you CC!!! 

I've always loved dancing and when I was finally able to join your dancing school I knew that was it for me. No more looking around. You don't realize how much this has helped me emotionally and also health wise. Now I have another family and new friends. Makes me smile and tear up! Jill W. 

I am usually tired from my day but when I get to class I get an amazing buzz and feel so good - your school is drop the mic fantastic - so happy my friend and I joined!

Very organized - terrfic setting - very pleased I found this dance school, the fact that we go on trips makes my heart sing! LW

I feel like a star, thank you CC for being one of the best Dance schools - my friends are so happy they joined. AL

I found a school I really love - beautiful family and I feel blessed! 

I get a buzz for being apart of a wonderful array of dancing family members - our Calgary community is blessed to have such a great group enhance the community spirit. RR

It's the best part of my week- thank you dancing family for giving me so much joy. LM

I have lost 25 pounds from dancing and feel so fantastic - what a great way to stay in shape and doing it with Chinook Country - the BEST dance school. SH

Thank you for making our event so memorable - your troupe is fantastic - definatly the high light of our evening and I highly recommend your group. FDE

I am having the time of my life - so rewarding and a joy to be part of this family! Thank you from my heart to your's. KS

I am on tour and loving it - being a dancing pro is so rewarding - come join this wonderful group as I am so happy I did. HM